Václav Příborský
Straight line of genealogical tree family Kratochvil

Straight line of genealogical tree family Kratochvil


Welcome to the website through which you can learn more about the history of your family, especially if your ancestors were Priborsky and lived in the Czech Republic. It is possible to find out who your ancestors were, where and how they lived, what they engage in. We can discover their stories, everyday and also festive activities and customs. If you want to know more about the history of your family, you are on the right place.

I started to engage in the civil genealogy in 2000. In acquiring life data of my own ancestors, I gradually began to discover their life stories. In a short time, I extended my interest in the history of other Priborsky families living around the world. It showed that the persons whose name is written in various forms (Příborský, Priborsky, Priborski, Przyborski, Prziborski, Przibora, or other) may have common family roots. Recently I also started helping other people with searching for information about their own ancestors.

I offer professional genealogical services and drawing of family trees. You can find the overview of my services on Services. This offer is intended primarily for customers in the Czech Republic, therefore this page is available only in Czech.

Information about the Priborsky family is free for members of this family. In such cases, it is usual to exchange information on the known family members. If it is possible, I try to give everyone more information on the Priborsky family than I get from him or her. Some information about the Priborsky family is available by clicking on For Priborskys.